Our customer testimonials speak volumes about our dedicated level of service and knowledge of the marketplace. At Pacific Coast Planning, you have a trusted partner in your employee benefit program.
With employee medical and other group insurance costs climbing, it is essential to work with an insurance professional who not only understands your need to manage costs, but who also can help you achieve your optimal employee benefits package that enables you to compete favorably against other employers and build long-term loyalty among your workforce.

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Atlas Towing Services Inc. has been working with Pacific Coast Planning for the past five years. Led by David Parr, Pacific Coast Planning continues to provide us excellent service by offering us several health insurance options at competitive rates. David is very responsive to our needs via email, but more importantly through a phone conversation. We would strongly recommend Pacific Coast Planning to any business interested in providing a strong benefit package to their employees.

Matt Y.

I am writing this letter to thank you for your great service over the years. We appreciate you quick response usually within an hour of our call. Our work force, being predominantly Hispanic and English being their second language, is grateful as well because of your efforts to make their enrollment opportunities clear. Last year when you helped us choose plans to add to our current offerings in order offer more affordable options to our workforce; then brought an interpreter to explain all of the plans to our staff proved you are worth your salt. As well you have helped us get our employees and their dependants enrolled quickly and explain all of the subtleties of their insurance plan and how to get benefits.

Thank you,
Chris P.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued service to our organization. As a small employer, we do not have the resources to maintain a stand-alone human resources or benefits department. This is why the services of a benefits professional like you are such a great asset to a business like ours.

Not only did you assist us in sorting through the various benefit plan options available to us and our employees at the time of initial enrollment, you have continued to assist us in ensuring that we provide the highest level of benefits possible within our budget. Your comparative analysis each year sensibly breaks down the various health and dental plans available to us, their respective coverage levels and overall premiums, and empowers us to make the right choices on behalf of the company and our employees.

We would also like to thank you for the service you have provided to those individuals within our company who have had unique circumstances requiring a liaison between the insurance provider and us (as the employer). You have taken these challenges on without hesitation and with enthusiasm to help our employees receive the maximum benefit available to them under our plan.

Thank you again. We look forward to continuing our affiliation for years to come.

Best regards,
Stephan K.
Managing Partner

For the past seven years, Dave Parr, has been Laner Electric's insurance broker with respect to our company's employee group benefit programs. Over the past years, Dave has continually secured, on our company's behalf, group health and dental plans to fit the needs of our employees and at competitive pricing. Dave was also the go to persons who spearheaded the development of our company's 401k plan, with no apparent benefit to Dave.

Dave just did not sell insurance policies and walk away. Dave has always responded quickly to answer questions concerning health and dental issues. He has assisted in satisfactory resolution of enrollment and billing issues, has advised the company on the ever-changing COBRA program and has given timely open enrollment sessions with all employees.

This past year, in order the reduce the cost of the company's group health/dental offering to our employees, Dave had recommended and implemented changes to our health plans which saved the company approximately 30% in our group premiums with minimal change in the health plan benefits to our employees.

Laner Electric has been very fortunate to have Dave Parr representing our group insurance programs and would not hesitate to recommend Dave to any company seeking a competent and reliable insurance broker to represent their group insurance needs.

Barney M.

Over the past several years, you have provided valuable services for the employees at the McNutt Law Group. I appreciate the breadth of those services which, without failure, always meets the needs of our employees.

Helping us choose the right plan(s) is not always easy given that the composition of our staff, at times, varies widely. With your annual reviews of our plans, we appreciate how you consistently keep the needs of our staff in mind, and for that, we subsequently consider your personalized analysis and advice invaluable. But choosing the right plan is only half the battle; Communication with you is equally as important. Without ever experiencing problems contacting you, we have collectively and successfully worked together to ensure that the McNutt employees are receiving the best services that any employer-based healthcare provider has to offer. Interpreting and understanding the fine-print of any policy is difficult but you, Dave, have definitely made it more feasible.

Without hesitation, I recommend your services to any employer.

Luciann L.

I am pleased to provide a reference letter for Janne Miglian. Janne was consultant for Redi Shade, Inc. in March of 2006. She provided consultation on life, disability, medical and dental plan options for our growing company.

Janne, with her experience and knowledge of the insurance field outlined various options for our consideration, explained each in detail and was there every step of the way through successful implementation and beyond. Janne helped us secure solid plans that our employees value at affordable costs.

It was clear from her presentations and recommendations that her knowledge, experience and years of service in the group health industry have paid great dividends to all her clients. We have remained very happy with the recommended plans and have continued each to this day.

As a company, we look forward to continued relationship and appreciate Janne's solid advice, especially during these challenging economic times.

Very truly yours,
Joe N.
Vice President / COO

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent service you have provided to Spectra Watermakers over the past few years. You have always gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us get some difficult claims paid, do comprehensive employee meetings and orientations, helping with the plan administration, etc. The list of things you have helped us with is long and extensive, but you have always been there for us and have helped us get through the difficult plan transitions.

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with all of the new health care changes that are in the works, the efforts are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Susan L.
Human Resources Manager

In early 1991 I steeled myself, quit my job as an associate lawyer at one of San Francisco's largest firms, and hung out my shingle as a consultant and attorney. While relatively young at the time, I understood the importance of maintaining medical insurance coverage, and planned to use my Cobra benefits from the law firm. I don't know who referred me to Dave Parr, but when I agreed to meet with him I did so with some caution - I "knew" that the program thought the law firm had to be better, and I expected a sales pitch for an alternative that would be inferior and more expensive.

Dave was really quite patient with my attitude, and did a great job of showing the alternatives available to me. As it turned out, he was right that I could get better coverage for a lot less than available through my Cobra plan. Lesson learned.

Over 9 years and several businesses later I have gone through 3 or 4 CPAs, and an equal number of bookkeepers, outside counsel and other professionals. But I'm still with Dave. I think the reason he has "stuck" while my other service providers have come and gone is that he has always been responsive, provided me with guidance without trying to force decisions, and kept a sense of humor as I took my time looking at every angle of a problem. We small business owners can be a challenging lot to work with, and Dave Parr has just the right combination of patience, knowledge, integrity and humor to make it work. Needless to say, I recommend Dave very strongly, and am grateful to have had his help all these years.

Howard Y.

Dear Dave and Janne,

Thank you for finding a cost effective solution last year and for helping me implement the new HRA plan design. This was a big transition for us, and you were there whenever I needed your help.

We are very happy with the HRA strategy you recommended. Clearly, by all subsequent claim reports, we have saved quite a bit in premium over the former traditional medical plan and the employees are satisfied as well, which is an equally important goal for us.

I would recommend Pacific Coast Planning to friends and associates desiring personalized, knowledgeable and responsive service.

Pamela P.

I am writing to thank you for the valuable services you have provided Hartmann Studios, Incorporated since we first established for our employees a health benefit program over eight years ago. In my time as one of the administrators of the program, we have had little if any complaints regarding the service of our plan from our employees. You have assisted in adding additional groups of employees with two of our other controlled group companies and maintained the same high level of service. Your reviews of our plan on an annual basis have always been concise and informative. Whenever a question came up regarding any change or additional coverage needed, your response has been timely and to the point. As there have been many laws which have been applicable during this period, you have always provided the interpretation needed to comply. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to our future relationship in maintaining the excellent level of service you have provided our employees and our companies.

Sincerely yours,
Richard O.

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