California Term Life Insurance

Choosing a California term life insurance policy can be one of the most important decisions you make but it doesn't have to be the hardest. At Pacific Coast Planning, we make the buying process quite a bit easier. We have been faithfully serving the state of California for 20 years now because we offer the best policies at the right price without sacrificing quality and customer service.

Our Promise to You

  • We will design programs that meet your objectives and develop measureable benchmarks.
  • We will negotiate with the insurance carriers for your benefit — not ours.
  • We will periodically review your program and shop the marketplace for competitive benefits and rates.
  • We will help solve difficult claim problems and administrative issues.
  • We will keep you current on legislative changes that may impact your benefits.
  • We will provide forward thinking solutions to help keep key employees on your team.

Picking a Policy

Pacific Coast Planning can help you understand your options and tailor a term life insurance policy that meets your specific needs. We know that each individual is different, so we'll work with you to find the best policy that meets all your specific requests. We'll help you figure out the details along the way – everything from configuring age, overall health, and renewal terms to selecting a premium and payout plan.

Premium Service and a Fair Price

Since we work with multiple insurance carriers, we can examine each company's term life insurance policy to find the right benefits and premiums for you. When you buy through us, you're guaranteed to get the right life insurance coverage at the right price. We like to pair up these great product offerings with amazing service to all our clients.

Because We Care

Insurance is a complex thing. That's why there are trained insurance professionals who can help you determine which options are right for you. At Pacific Coast Planning, you can be assured that we have your best interests in mind and will work hard to find you the best life insurance policy for you and your family.

Why You Should Put Your Trust in Us

Purchasing your term life insurance policy through Pacific Coast Planning means you have an expert on your side that will provide guidance in choosing a policy, give you the best prices, and will go the extra mile to meet your needs. With us, the buying process is a personal experience.
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